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Posted on May 27th 2012 in Travel with Comments Off on Kampot

In a word, Kampot was lovely. The weather was nice, the streets were calm, I saw some amazing sights, plus I was never abducted here. To start with, I checked into a hostel called Blissful, which was, indeed, eponymous.  With a glass of beer, under the shade of a palm tree in a slowly swinging hammock, chatting to some new friends, I certainly felt a lot more bliss than in the past few days. After a somewhat sweaty night’s sleep, I woke excited and slightly apprehensively. This was because I had been persuaded, the day before, to rent a motorbike…

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Phnom Penh

Posted on May 26th 2012 in Travel with Comments Off on Phnom Penh

My visit to Phnom Penh started out as depressing as that of Ho Chi Minh. This was mainly due to the fact that I was abducted within minutes of getting into the city. It started out inoccuously enough. Walking out of my hostel, I turned right onto the short road, eventually meeting the river Mekong, which was a muddy, sprawling sight, but quite beautiful in the setting sun. I walked down the bank just a short way, when I heard a voice behind me saying “Hello there”. He introduced himself as a fellow traveler (from the Philippines). He seemed very nice, and…

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Ho Chi Minh City

Posted on May 14th 2012 in Travel with 2 comments

Ho Chi Minh was the most depressing place I had visited in Asia so far. This came about, not becuase of any fault of the city itself, but from two external factors. These being the Vietnam War and the weather. I don’t want to equate these things as being of equal importance, obviously, but both contributed to my less-than-cheery mood while I was there. Things started off well enough. Getting off the bus in the early afternoon, the weather was nice, there wasn’t too much traffic about, and I had met a nice Vietnamese/American girl called Lawn, who bizarrely agreed…

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Nha Trang

Posted on May 4th 2012 in Travel with Comments Off on Nha Trang

Nha nha nha nha, nha nha nha nha, nha nha nha nha, nha nha nha nha, Nha-traaaang! (to the tune of Batman). Cough, anyway. Me and the two boys called Archie I adopted in Hue arrived in Nha Trang stupidly early in the morning. No hostel would have us, so we checked into a very fancy hotel with towels and showers and AC and TVs. The only problem with it was that it only had one double bed. Not wanting to get arrested, I offered to sleep on the floor on the duvet, which was actually quite comfortable. It was…

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