Day 4 – Melaka 2 – The revenge of Melaka

I finally managed to get some pictures off my camera. It took so long to process each one that I don’t have time to write abotu what I did on my second day, so will let the pictures do the talking.

The view from my Luxury Super VIP coach - not bad

Every street in Melaka has a covered walkway for pedestrians to shelter from the heat and the rain. This was the one outside my hostel.

The Melaka Menara Taming Sar - a big arse tower. It has a rotating viewing platform that crawls up its 300 feet length. Obviously, the view from the top was spectacular. I have a video showing the 360 degree panorama - will upload it when I can

Cow - not sure what else to say about this one

From the top of the Menara, the most prominent feature is the Melaka martime museum - built into a replica Portuguese trading ship

The Jonker Street night market - err - in the daytime.

Me at the Malacca Straits Mosque taken by a traveller I met at a nearby restuarant. I say nearby. It looked close, but actually involved a huge trek in increasingly hot temperaures. Was worth the walk though - it was lovely and cool and peaceful inside, and the view of the Straits was brilliant.

A little side street

At the top of St Paul's Hill lies the ruin of a 16th century Portuguese church. This man was gently playing his flute in the shade of the ruins for the tourists.