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Nha Trang

Posted on May 4th 2012 in Travel with Comments Off on Nha Trang

Nha nha nha nha, nha nha nha nha, nha nha nha nha, nha nha nha nha, Nha-traaaang! (to the tune of Batman). Cough, anyway. Me and the two boys called Archie I adopted in Hue arrived in Nha Trang stupidly early in the morning. No hostel would have us, so we checked into a very fancy hotel with towels and showers and AC and TVs. The only problem with it was that it only had one double bed. Not wanting to get arrested, I offered to sleep on the floor on the duvet, which was actually quite comfortable. It was…

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Hoi An

Posted on April 23rd 2012 in Travel with 2 comments

From this point on, this blog will mention two guys named Archie a lot. We were all now taking the same route down Vietnam, and at about the same pace. They like to joke that I was stalking them, tracking them down whereever they went. But really, I felt sorry for them, these two poor gap year kids, with noone to look after them. I would take on the role of parent and guardian, helping them keep safe and teaching them my pearls of traveling wisdom. I was definitely not stakling them because I had noone else to talk to….

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Posted on April 20th 2012 in Travel with Comments Off on Huế

Night buses are vehicles designed to give one something this is almost,but not quite, entirely unlike a good night’s sleep.  I hadn’t been in a night bus before, so didn’t know what to expect. What i found was three rows of double decker beds, built for people of a height about 5 inches shorter than I. Legs had to be squeezed into tiny plastic boxes below the bed in front. The lack of leg room and bed space, no light for reading, and a very poorly-made toilet in the back made for one of my worst, and longest, nights travel…

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Posted on April 12th 2012 in Travel with Comments Off on Hanoi

I’m going to lay my cards down early and say, Dear Reader, that this blog post isn’t likely to be that interesting as I did hardly anything in Hanoi. So if you want to stop reading now, I won’t mind too much. I’m not being self-depricating or modest – I know how awesome my other travelogues have been – so please, do save your self the trouble and read something else. Ok, well, I arrived in Hanoi on my first ever propeller propelled passenger plane (say that eating a plate of peas). As usual, I hadn’t done any research into this place….

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Kuang Si Waterfalls

Posted on April 6th 2012 in Travel with 2 comments

The tuktuk drive to Kuang Si Waterfalls was in complete contrast to the serene and peaceful atmosphere I was about to encounter. Bowel-wrenching might be a good way of describing the reckless journey round blind corners and along steep, rocky hillsides. Thirty minutes of begging the gods to save me, we arrived safe and nearly sound at the entrance to the forest which houses the waterfalls. The first thing that greeted me, walking into the dense foliage, was a dozen Malaysian Sun Bears. Luckily, they were asleep and behind a wire mesh enclosure. Continuing on, I got my first glimpse…

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