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Day 5 and 6 – Kuala Lumpur

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Melaka was a great, historical old place to visit, but spending two days there, I felt I had seen as much as it had to offer. So, I set off early to get a coach to Kuala Lumpur. Again, the scenery was magnificent – even more so than the journey from Singapore –  as the mountains and hills gradually increased in size. For mile after mile, battalions of palms marched across the hillsides in ordered rows. I wasn’t sure exactly when we entered the limits of Kuala Lumpur, because the city is so green, it feels as if it has…

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Day 4 – Melaka 2 – The revenge of Melaka

Posted on February 28th 2012 in Travel with 1 comment

I finally managed to get some pictures off my camera. It took so long to process each one that I don’t have time to write abotu what I did on my second day, so will let the pictures do the talking.

Day 3 – Melaka

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I woke up early for a change in my Singapore hostel on the edge of China town, so had a few hours to spare before my coach was due to leave for Melasia. I decided to head for another of the insular areas of foreign persuasion – Little India. This was mainly because I love to be educated in the cultures and idiosyncrasies of other cultures, and not because it was very close to the coach station. The biggest attraction in Little India is the gold and white Sultan Mosque, an incredibly beautiful building that it looks like it should…

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Day 2 – Singapore

Posted on February 26th 2012 in Travel with 1 comment

I woke up very late on my second day in Singapore, having not slept a wink in the crowded dormitory full of noisy people. Because of this, I didn’t get a chance to meet and introduce myself to some nice fellow travelers. The only other people left in the hostel looked particularly unfriendly, so I set off on my own. I started retracing my route from the night before, hoping to see some of the sights in colour rather than black and white. Although the route we took the previous night took a few hours, I took nearly all day….

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First days in Asia – London to Singapore

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Last month, I spontaneously decided to travel around South East Asia for three months. I really have no idea why, but I am here now. So, rather than the usual collection of fascinating and witty articles on all the latest science updates, this blog is turning into my online journal to record my time travelling around Asia. Yes, as I say, I really don’t know what came over me when I decided I wanted to go travelling around the world. I think it must be partly due to jealousy arising from hearing others great stories, and a dirth of free…

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