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Flight of Inspiration

Posted on July 2nd 2012 in Blog with Comments Off on Flight of Inspiration

In a time of rising national debts and cuts in welfare spending, a lot of people believe that continued investment in space exploration is a waste of money. In 2011, NASA received about $18 billion. Although this sounds like a great deal of money, it is only 0.48% of the federal budget, and this number is likely to go down in future years. But there are many reasons why investment in space is a good idea. Firstly, it generates huge amounts of wealth. Thousands of satellites now pepper the night sky, providing everything from GPS to television. Millions of people around the…

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The beautiful

Posted on April 14th 2011 in Blog with Comments Off on The beautiful

I know many of us are revising frantically at the moment, spending every waking moment trying to cram as much knowledge into our delicate little brains as we can. Either that or feeling guilty for not doing as much as we should. It can feel like our lives have been dominated by the need to ingest as much science as possible, for fear of not making through the famine of exam season that is nearly upon us. However, when you over-indulge, with anything, the pleasure you once got is replaced inevitably by apathy and disgust. This youtube video, by the…

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Probing the Depths

Posted on March 3rd 2011 in Features with Comments Off on Probing the Depths

Ever since man has been able to think of clichés, he has dreamed of heading to the stars.  The staff and students at Imperial College London are no exception, and have been involved in numerous missions to explore our solar system. Here, we take a look at just some of the missions Imperial is involved with. From landing on a comet 750 million kilometers away and investigating the unique  weather system on one of Saturn’s moons, to hunting for the signs of life on other planets, and even why it might be better to keep our feet firmly on the…

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