X-rays for the masses

Posted on January 15th 2011 in News with Comments Off on X-rays for the masses

A next generation of “table-top” X-ray machines could soon be made available, thanks to research from Imperial College. Scientific and medical advances depend on the development of better diagnostic and analytical tools. Sources of high quality X-rays are in huge demand for scientific research, yet few dedicated synchrotron facilities exist worldwide due to their huge size and cost. The study, published in the journal Nature Physics, outlined a future where these high energy X-ray systems could be housed in a chamber only 1 meter on each side. The, for comparison, is half a kilometre in circumference. “This is a very…

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This little piggie had a rather nice outfit

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New evidence has been uncovered which may explain the origin of the hugely variable coat colours found in domesticated animals. The research from Durham University has shown human preference to be the cause of the varying colours and not, as was thought before, random mutations. The study, co-authored by Dr Greger Larson of the Department of Archaeology, compared a gene known as melanocortin receptor 1 (MC1R) in domesticated pigs with their cousins, the Asian and European wild boar. This gene is also present in many other domesticated animals, including cattle, dogs and horses, and is one that has been associated…

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