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Flight of Inspiration

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In a time of rising national debts and cuts in welfare spending, a lot of people believe that continued investment in space exploration is a waste of money. In 2011, NASA¬†received¬†about $18 billion. Although this sounds like a great deal of money, it is only 0.48% of the federal budget, and this number is likely to go down in future years. But there are many reasons why investment in space is a good idea. Firstly, it generates huge amounts of wealth. Thousands of satellites now pepper the night sky, providing everything from GPS to television. Millions of people around the…

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Koh Sdach

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It was pitch black when I arrived at Sihanoukville‘s port. A huge thunderstorm was brewing on the horizon, periodically lighting my surroundings. I had been dumped in a shabby area outside the central area of the port, where only a few boats were stationed. Noone I could see spoke any English. My motorbike driver had departed quickly, leaving me with no real certainty that this boat was actually going to take me to my destination – Koh Sdach. It’s a tiny island, home to only a few hundred people so boats rarely go there. My friend Sarah, who lives on…

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